Hello to all you Cats and Dogs out there from us at Puddles.

       For enquiries please email us at:

        Thank you from all of us at Puddlespets.com

        All of our products are manufactured on planet Earth under the most stringent quality controls by people like you and me (with a little input from our furry friends) people who care about our world and our environment.

        Products like our Puddles Catstm natural of the earth cat litter (carefully blended clays for performance) in enviro friendly easy to open, easy to carry Eartopstm re-usable bags.

        Puddles Dogstm “like a walk in the park” Puddles2Padstm 7 layer (2 pads in 1) keep using maintenance pads which are produced from Elementally Chlorine Free unbleached pulp using Sustainable Forestry Initiatives.

        We are constantly striving to be as environmentally friendly with our products and packaging for the planet and our pet’s health because “Nature appreciates the little things we do” every little bit counts to help our planet and our environment.

        Natural…because , Nature likes the little things we do.