Childhood memories: getting up early for school running to the bathroom only to step into a pile of Dexter’s pee & poopers, then the chase was on with a slipper or whatever was handy to run after him yelling and cursing. Our poor pet always had that look, I held on as long as I could man, I even clawed at your bed but you kept snoring. I was bursting at the seams and now what, now I get cursed and screamed at because know one let me out. Then my mom or dad or both would start yelling at us for not getting up and taking our pet for a walk so all of this made for a very unpleasant morning.

        Then out came the brush and the bleach and the plastic gloves cause usually I was the one who had to clean up the mess, sometimes with a towel wrapped around my head to ward off the offensive odor. I could never get the bad scent out of the flooring. Dexter would always come back to the same spot to do his business, then the whole scenario would start all over again.

        The first idea!
        Later in life when I was in the paper recycling business we had warehouses full of unsalable paper with the only option being to land fill or reuse, we came up with a brain storm to develop doggy under pads so those little accidents that happen far too often don’t turn good mornings into bad day’s.

        We took the baled waste paper, the crumbled sheets we ironed straight took scissors cut the sheets into squares and glued on water proof backing and presto we had one of the first doggy under pads in the market, that was more than 10 years ago. We called them Puddles the pads would hold the waste securely for subsequent disposal. I gave them to my friends and neighbors who laughed at me saying we were crazy BUT after they tried them out to their surprise they worked and made for a happy pet and owner alike. The Puddles Dogs tm pads of course kept improving with better construction for great performance.

        Pets in our life:
        Fast forward my mother had a stroke plus heart failure and then a major operation at a hospital in Burnaby, Canada that necessitated using very powerful drugs which had an adverse reaction which shut down both of her kidneys, her situation quickly became critical when a nurse to my horror said matter of factly, well, “lets pull the plug” we had a fit and insisted she be moved to another hospital in Vancouver, Canada that is world renowned for their team approach to health care, here patients and families sit down together and discuss the health care strategy for the patient, all facts on the table. Long story short we visited the IC unit daily and were surprised when one of the nurses asked us hey if you have a small pet at home your welcome to bring them to the IC unit we allow this as it really helps patients recover much faster and gives them security. It is now known that pets not only give us pleasure as friends but help to lower blood pressure and give us a feeling of well being and joy.

        The 2nd idea!
        Fast forward again, five years later living in Hong Kong a friend of ours being a chemist recommended using Natural Bentonite for cat litter, all we had to do was blend Natural clays for the performance we were looking for. This chemist is always looking for natural alternatives he pointed out that Bentonite is also being used for water purification as Hong Kong’s water is mainly untreated river water and not to oversimplify Bentonite can turn untreated river water into rain water.

        We told our friends about our natural cat litter product and asked if they would use it for their cats, to their surprise they found the product truly amazing, great performance, clumping and odor control with very little dust eliminating tracking concerns. The cats loved this product immediately as all natural unscented, remember cats are predators and prune themselves for not only cleanliness but to rid themselves of any odors that could hamper their hunting instincts. The cats took to our product like kids to chocolates not only one but multiple cats jumped into the cat litter boxes and kept using it, the owners thought it was very convenient and easy to use just scoop and refill when needed.

        We then gave samples to our friends in Vancouver, Canada who loved our product and shared our enthusiasm the rest is History, all starting from those childhood pet memories which we all share.

        Full circle, Childhood memories:
        Remember folks we spend billions of US dollars in waste removal, that is part of life we eat and we have to eliminate, the same for our lovely pets. That is why we developed our convenient easy to use earth friendly Puddles Catstm litter and Puddles Dogstm maintenance pads, allowing us more time to enjoy our pet’s companionship in a clean environment as we all share this Shangri-La most beautiful water planet of ours.

        Have a nice day wherever you are, from the folks at Puddles Pets.

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